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Higonokami Aogami Blue Steel Pocket Knife Brass

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Japanese children of the 1950s may remember this ubiquitous pocket knife simply as 'higo no kami,' the way many people also refer to common tissues as Kleenex™ or sticky notes as Post-Its™. 

The Higonokami is a series of carbon steel pocket knives exlusively manufactured by Nagao Kanekoma, established in 1894.

Hand forged and ground, this lightweight folding knife features a folded brass handle and three-layer high quality blue carbon steel blade. From this process, the blade is extremely hard and and retains a very sharp edge for a long time without needing sharpening, making it an excellent knife for cutting. However the blade is also brittle, so please avoid using it for opening and prying. 

With a forged tang and friction folder mechanism, this is a blade to be opened using two hands carefully. We think this is great design as it forces you to contemplate the blade and its sharpness through the action of opening. This is real Japanese steel!

Features a hole for attaching a lanyard or keyring. 100mm / 3.9" length. 

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