A Taste of the World

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A feast brings people together, to celebrate and share stories. A Taste of the World travels across the globe uncovering different dishes, traditions, cultures and festivals from Egypt to Germany, from China to America. Learn about the origins of Thanksgiving in America, Bastille Day in France, Christmas in Germany, Hanami in Japan, Chinese New Year, and a good old roast dinner in the UK. Food, glorious food!

Each chapter is punctuated with an atlas to help guide your journey, and each festive spread brims with facts about local and national dishes. Featuring 20 countries that link geography and history, A Taste of the World will give you an appetite to explore – not just through your belly. Beth Walrond creates striking color palettes, playful textures and idiosyncratic characters that joyously warm each spread. A Taste of the World is an original approach to discovering the world through food.

80 pages. Hardcover.

About the Author:

Beth Walrond is an artist and illustrator based in Berlin. She works on illustrations for international brands, magazines, newspapers and publishers. "A Taste of the World" is her first book.