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because Umbrella REPET
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because Umbrella REPET

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Sharing an umbrella with another brings a feeling of warmth. Matching rhythms, as you walk side by side; a walk together coupled with care, makes it a memorable journey to cherish.

REPET umbrellas are made from plastic waste collected from oceans all over the world. The process is simple: collected plastic bottles are recycled and made into plastic pellets, which are then made into polyester thread and woven into a resilient, waterproof fabric. The result is an umbrella that meets the world's highest standard of safe fibers free from harmful chemicals. Thinking about the future of the earth, family, and our loved ones.

Reuse, reduce, recycle, REPET!

The REPET Umbrella features a classic curved wooden handle for style and easy portability. With UV99 and UV98 protection, it doubles as a parasol, making it a great companion for all seasons. A safety cover is attached to the claw to prevent damage to fingers or nails when opening and closing the umbrella. 

Measures 33" when closed.

Choose from Navy, Green, Orange or Yellow colorways.