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Kamenoko Body Scrub Brush

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Whether you're trying to clean or exfoliate, you'll easily find a body scrub that will help improve the quality of your skin. Sato is recommended for first-time users or those who have easily irritated and sensitive skin. Tamura is great for improving elasticity, scrubbing feet, or giving that refreshing feel you look for when trying a new body wash. Narita is ideal for serious dirt removal and massaging those pesky rough and callused areas to your smoothest desire. 

Choose from: Sato (Very Soft), Tamura (Soft), or Narita (Slightly Hard).

Made of:

  • Sato: Sisal Hemp
  • Tamura: Sisal Hemp and Palm Hemp
  • Narita: Palm Hemp

For body use only.

Not recommended for small children.

Measures 6"x3"

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