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BRAUN BC21 Digital Clock & Wireless Charging Dock

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Braun's BC21 Wireless Charging Clock has been designed with a focus on innovation and function. The silhouette takes inspiration from the DN 40, one of Braun’s early digital alarm clocks designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs in 1976.

Perfectly suited for a bedside table, the design of the BC21 takes a modern-day problem of too much screen time and provides a simple solution: a wireless charging pad that sits behind the LCD display and naturally encourages the user to place their device out of sight and out of mind. At 10W, the changing pad is fast charging and compatible with all Qi enabled products. The silicone charging pad prevents devices overheating and provides a non-slip surface area while you snooze away.


  • Auto brightness VA LCD display
  • 10W Qi wireless charging pad
  • Crescendo beep alarm
  • Touch snooze button
  • Snooze interval is 5 minutes
  • 12/24 hour display


  • Measures (63.5mm x 140mm x 140mm)
  • Battery Type: CR2032

In an age of prosperity and saturation, the benefit of fewer, better made products speaks for itself. Braun's products embody their design philosophy: quality, functionality, clarity, longevity and timelessness. Braun users identify with these values; for them, Braun watches and clocks are lifelong companions. 

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