Carpenter Series Leather & Blackwood Watch

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With a soft leather strap and a solid Blackwood body, this timepiece is as beautiful as it is earth friendly. The shades may vary from a chocolate brown to a dark black. The craftsmanship involved in designing with these natural materials is self evident - and the result is a sophisticated, eco-conscious design that is over 80% biodegradable.

The Leather & Blackwood design comes with gold finishing, and is outfitted with a precise Japanese quartz movement. The body is light weight and perfectly proportioned for long lasting comfort.

Each element of this design has been carefully considered - from the materials used to the proportions and minimalist details. Worn as a small sculpture on the wrist - this piece just asks to be a conversation starter.

The Carpenter Watch series was designed to be sleek and subtle in form. This gender-neutral piece is meant to inspire, recall, and pay homage to those experiences when we are close to nature. 


Details & Care

  • Includes 1 year manufacturers guarantee
  • 41mm case diameter | 20mm strap width | 11.5mm case thickness
  • Watch strap features genuine wood on the surface and a leather backing. The durability is designed to be comparable to standard leather straps. 
  • Recommended that you store the watch in a temperate environment (do not leave outside, in a car, near hot windows, etc.)
  • Watches are water resistant but not water proof! The wood is stabilized and treated so as not to swell or absorb water. This means splashes of water (say, during dish washing) are okay - light rain and humidity are okay too, but absolutely no diving, swimming, or showering.


Designed by Analog Watch Co. in South Philadelphia.

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