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CHEERS! Bag in Bag Cases Yellow

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Cheers! This slim and lightweight organizer helps reduce bulk on the go, keeping your notebooks, planner, documents, and wallet in one secure place. 

The Bag in Bag Case is made from a durable PVC shell to protect your belongings against spills and the general mess of your everyday bag. The eye-catching neon yellow color makes it easy to spot in your bag, while the transparent cover helps you find what you need in a pinch. An envelope closure snaps open and closed as you go about your day.

It's especially handy as a travel organizer to keep your passport, tickets, and required documents in one safe, spill-proof, and easy to find place. Something to smile about. 

A5, A6, and A4 sizes sold separately. 


  • A6 size: 6.77" x 5.19" x 0.7" (172 × 132 × 20 mm)
  • A5 size: 10.27" x 7.9" x 0.7" (261 × 202 × 20 mm)
  • A4 size: 12.8" x 9.6" x 0.7" (325 × 245 × 20 mm)
  • Wipe-clean PVC cover