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Our favorite kind of notebook is often times an understated one.

F.O.B COOP's spiral ring notebooks feature unique ruling such as dot grid and reticle (crosshairs) grid, allowing for a multitude of uses. This is delightful, comfortable, and very functional stationery.

The Basics

  • 80 pages each
  • 5mm light grey rule
  • Rounded edges
  • Double ring spiral binding
  • Sturdy cover keeps notebook's form to allow for one-handed notation
  • Japanese B5 size measures 7.4" x 9.2" (W189×H252mm)
  • Japanese A5 size measures 6.2" x 8.26" (W158×H210mm)

Reticle Cross Grid

  • Full page rule
  • Reticle is a grid using two types of crosses, x and +. By minimizing the solid line it offers a delicate, open guide for surprising freedom and precision use.
  • Two types of ruling size (5mm or 2.5mm) can be used with one note, thanks to subtle and clever arrangement of the reticle pattern.
  • Visual clutter is kept to a minimum while still offering ability to draw straight lines and figures without a ruler.
  • If you write along the cross, it will be straight and aligned. It is also possible to change the font size at intervals of 2.5 mm.

Dot Grid

  • Wipe-clean plastic cover in addition to cardstock cover.
  • Header margin includes Page and Date space.
  • F64º logo represents “the most comfortable temperature for humans” with the capital letter of F.O.B COOP.

About F.O.B. COOP

F.O.B COOP opened a lifestyle shop in Hiroo, Tokyo in 1981, and had its 30th anniversary in 2011.

“To pick out what we want and live with them.” The idea is taken for granted these days, but it was quite fresh in the 80s, a time of high volume production and heavy consumption in Japan.

What they have been aiming for is “Contemporary Basic” – Basic items for modern people who live in a present moment that is changing continuously. 

F.O.B COOP changes in progress always for “Free and Comfortable Life” and it will from now on.


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