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Devi Arts Collective Aquamarine & Silver Studs

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Thoughtful, simple, and easy to wear, Devi Arts Collective's mini stud gemstone earrings are a fail-safe everyday look for that single, second, or third piercing. These studs feature a pure aquamarine gemstone, said to represent hapiness, hope, and everlasting youth. Each is handmade from recycled silver, which is forged using scrap sterling silver and old sterling silver jewelry.

Devi Arts Collective uses ethically cut gemstones for every piece. Every gemstone is hand-cut by a third-generation gemstone cutting family.

Jewelry with an ethical conscious for the wandering soul.

Devi Arts Collective is a Black women-led jewelry brand born out of the inner-desire and willful purpose to connect with people. Their pieces are designed to be worn as an expression of the bold, the confidant, and the vibrant qualities in our truest selves. Slideshow