Flying Bird Botanicals Peace of Mind Gift Tea

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Hawthorn flowers brightened with lemon balm and mint bring you an aromatic peace offering. This tea is 100% grown and gathered in the Pacific Northwest.

Bagged teas come in your choice of 15- or 35-piece, large compostable pyramidal tea bags. These excellent tea bags maintain the high quality of loose leaf with the convenience of tea bags.

Loose teas pack 1.85oz (52.4g) of loose leaf herbal tea for approximately 25 servings per tin. Brew as strong or as light a cup as you like.

  • Preparation directions and ingredient list included
  • Caffeine free
  • Comes packaged in beautiful tea tin, perfect for gifting
  • Ideal Temperature: 205º–212º F
  • Steep Time: 7-20 minutes, covered
  • Ingredients: Organic and USA-grown Lemon Balm, Oat Straw, Skullcap, Spearmint, Wild Hawthorn Flowers

Flying Bird Botanicals teas are some of the best we've had. Depending on the tea, their small batch blends feature any combination of highest quality USA grown, organic, fair trade ingredients. Ingredients that do not come first from local producers are sourced from farmers around the world using heirloom growing traditions. Slowly and carefully each blend is tailored to the time of year, the flavor of each herb, and where it grew. Consider yourself luckier than most.

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