Fog Linen Work Silver-Plated Towel Tray

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A tray with a simple design and a silver-plated brass surface. With a calm luster, the texture increases over time, creating an antique-like atmosphere.

The elongated square tray is the perfect size for hand towels, a common Japanese dining practice. You can use it to put accessories and clocks, put sweets on it, and organize small things on your desk. It is useful in various situations such as dining tables, washrooms, and bedrooms, but please be mindful not to leave it in standing water, as it may cause rust.

Please Note: Each tray is handmade one by one, so there may be some distortion, uneven coating, and slight scratches, but we hope you enjoy it as the texture of the product. 

Measures 7" x 2.75" x 0.4" (W 18 x D 7 x H 1 cm)

Silver-plated brass, handmade in India for Fog Linen Work.