Fragrance Memories Incense Siesta Siesta

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Under a hot sun, pleasant shade beckons: Siesta Siesta. With key notes of blood orange, tomato, and sangria.

Fragrance Memories incense will take you to the most relaxing places on earth. These stylish and luxurious incenses have refined, complex notes blended together for the best fragrance possible. After repeated burning, their subtle aromas will fill a room with an ambiance like no other. The key notes of each particular fragrance are listed on the side of its box. Scents are classified in five enticing categories: Beach & Sky, City & Style, Exotic & Nature, Mountain & Forest, Flower & Field.

Fragrance Memories incenses have no bamboo core inside, so they burn with less smoke, allowing you to enjoy the pure aroma. Each box contains 20 sticks of small incense and a mini ceramic holder.

Burn Time: Approx. 25 minutes
From: Japan

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