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Grow Easy Vegetables

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Growing your own vegetables is a rewarding venture that’s both affordable and delicious, but a novice gardener might not know where to begin. This is your no-fuss guide to vegetable gardening with experts tips, simple step-by-step guides and gorgeous illustrations.

If you want to learn how to start and sustain your own vegetable garden throughout the year, this vegetable gardening book for beginners will help you choose and care for more than 40 different varieties, all specially selected for successful growing. You don’t have to be a horticulture expert to get started—this indispensable reference book will take you through every single step! It includes:

  • Tips on how to care for more than 40 different vegetable varieties
  • Practical, jargon-free know-how and simple gardening techniques
  • An easy-to-follow format to help grow your gardening knowledge

From vegetable garden must-haves to less-common crops like edamame beans, this is a one-stop guide to growing easy but rewarding vegetables.

144 pages. Paperback.

About the Author

Jo Whittingham is a gardener and writer with a postgraduate degree in horticulture from the University of Reading and a passion for growing fruits and vegetables. Awarded the Garden Writers’ Guild News Journalist of the Year in 2004, she writes a monthly column for The Scotsman newspaper, as well as features for many leading gardening magazines. She authored DK’s bestselling Simple Steps to Success: Vegetables in a Small Garden, and was consultant on Grow Vegetables, Kitchen Garden, and Grow Fruit.

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