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Hobonichi Techo 2024 WEEKS Taro Okamoto Planner Three Faces

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A planner, a journal, a life book…the Hobonichi WEEKS is beloved for its versatile possibilities. Need a quick overview of the week ahead? Want a place to sketch your outfit of the day? How about a place to journal about the week in review? This compact agenda can do it all.

The Hobonichi WEEKS Planner features Weekly + Memo spreads with a horizontal weekly calendar on the left and a full grid memo page on the right. You can use the left side to log appointments or reminders, and the opposing memo page to expand your thoughts further. A weekly inspirational quote—the Hobinichi special—can be found at the footer of each spread. Enjoy 71 additional pages of 3.7mm grid memo paper for journaling, tracking habits or budgets, or logging your favorite moments of 2024.

Roughly the size of a long wallet, its slim profile allows you to carry it in your jacket pocket. Fitted with bleed-proof, ultralight Tomoe River S paper for writing with fountain pens and any instrument of your choice. Lay-flat stitch binding allows you to open your Hobonichi comfortably, while the stiff paperboard cover makes it easy to write on any surface.

The '3 Faces' cover is an illustration by Taro Okamoto, known as the artist of Osaka's iconic Tower of the Sun monument. 


  • English language version (some images may depict Japanese language version)
  • Runs January 2024—December 2024
  • Includes 2023-2024 years-at-a-glance, 2024 yearly plan, monthly and weekly spreads, 3.7mm grid memo pages, personal reference pages (365 Days Check Off List, Address Book, Seasonal Sweets Recipes, An Interview With Myself, My 100, 2024 Favorites, Measurement Tables)
  • Soft hardcover cardstock with lay-flat stitching and two ribbon bookmarks
  • Measures 3.7" x 7.3"
  • 120 pages total

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