Hole & Corner Magazine 2016 Issue 07

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Notes: The story of Factory Records - Badly Drawn Album Covers - Ian Birch on finding his musical Holy Grail - Richard Benson on finding Elvis Presley in the pits - Writer David Nicholls on improving your characters’ record collections - Eamonn Forde welcomes music’s digital revolution- Mark Wood uncovers an unknown Grace Jones classic - Tracey Thorn on career life lessons

Stories of Dedication: Linda Nicholson’s keyboard collection - The analogue world of the audiophile - Heavenly Recordings’s commitment to music and magic - Sound Recordist Chris Watson on why we need to stop and listen to the world - Artist Godfried-Willem Raes’s robotic orchestra - A visit to Steinway & Sons piano factory -We meet legendary DJ / producer Andrew Weatherall - Kora player extraordinaire Seckou Keita - Exploring our relationship with noise in all its manifestations - Hurdy-gurdy instrument maker Claire Dugué - YMC’s on his DIY ethos - London’s Toe Rag Studios

My Hole-and-Corner: St Etienne’s Pete Wiggs on the simple pleasures of Brighton beach 

English language. Delightfully photo heavy.

Hole & Corner celebrates craft, beauty, passion and skill. It’s about people who spend more time ‘doing’ than ‘talking’, who put content above style, whose work is their life. Through a bi-annual print magazine and a daily updated digital alternative, they aim to promote local trade and talented individuals, whether professional or amateur, exploring and celebrating the landscape that inspires them.

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