All the fun of a fresh cup of matcha with none of the work. These convenient, single-serve matcha packets are an easy way to enjoy authentic matcha on the go. The matcha in these packets has been selected for its medium-rich character, balance of umami and astringency, and bright aroma.

These handy packets offer the Ippodo seal of approval with no fuss- enjoy it shaken in ice water or whisked in a to-go cup.


  • Box includes 10 packets
  • 20 grams net (2 grams per packet)
  • Packets measure 4.7” wide x 3.9” long
  • Self life is 180 days

Ippodo Tea is a family-run Japanese tea company founded in 1717 in the heart of Kyoto. For generations, they have upheld a tradition of aromatic, well-balanced teas by carefully selecting, blending, and crafting each of their 40+ blends.