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Kaweco GRIP for Apple Pencil

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A sleek grip for your Apple Pencil, Kaweco's latest release perfectly merges tech with old-school class. The lightweight aluminum design features Kaweco's classic octagonal barrel, allowing you to lay down the pencil for breaks without it rolling away. A wide knurled grip lets you handle the pencil with comfort, while an intergrated screw mechanism keeps the pencil in place. 

A stylish addition to a digital designer's toolkit, as well as anyone who loves doodling on their iPad. 


  • Available in Gold or Rose Gold coloways
  • Measures 5.2 (13.3mm) long, 0.47" (12mm) diameter
  • Note: The Kaweco Apple Pencil Grip is designed for use with a first-generation Apple Pencil. It can also be used with a second-generation Apple Pencil, though it must be removed to charge and access other functionalities.
  • Apple Pencil sold separately. 

Kaweco is one of the oldest pen brands in the world, founded in 1883 in Nuremberg, Germany, where it is still based today. The classic Kaweco Sport was originally designed in the 1930s for "ladies, officers, soldiers and sportsmen" who wanted a pen that could be carried easily without a dress pocket. Irresistible.