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KINTO Ceramic Lab 10" Plate Pink

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Roughness and delicacy are the expressive elements of KINTO's CERAMIC LAB Series. Developed by working closely with craftsmen in traditional pottery villages of Japan, it is a fresh interpretation of Japanese tableware for the modern lifestyle. Knowledge and skills were inherited to develop the product —from the proportion of clay and glaze, to the sensitive transformations while firing that depend on temperature and humidity. Featuring the warm textures of clay, the humble designs give comfort to the user.​ ​

This small serving plate makes a charming for the Ceramic Lab Teapot and corresponding Teacups. The milky texture of the gaze is smooth to the touch while showing hints of the rough clay at the base. Use it to serve your guests at tea time or display your favorite afternoon sweets. 


  • Made from porcelain
  • Measures 10" in diameter
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Known for their understated coffee ware, KINTO's aesthetic approaches design with the question, "How can we make an everyday object both functional and elegant?" The result: coffee, kitchen, and life goods that are elegant and reserved but never boring. 

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