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KINTO OCT Cup & Saucer 7.5oz Black

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Based on an octagon, Kinto's OCT collection features clean lines and subtle details that ensure comfort in brewing and drinking coffee. The handsome angular handle of the cup is comfortable to hold, while the slim rim of the cup offers a smooth sip. Paired with a round saucer, this elegant cup turns your coffee break into something special. 

Set includes cup and saucer. 

Equivalent to a 7.5 oz cup of coffee. 


  • A monochrome shade of black 
  • Made from porcelain
  • Cup measures 3.6" diameter x 2.2" height 4.8" width. Saucer measures 6.2" diameter x 0.6" height
  • 220mL | 7.5 oz capacity
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan

Please note that the product size and shape might vary due to the manufacturing process.  

Known for their understated kitchenware, Kinto's aesthetic approaches design with the question, "How can we make an everyday object both functional and elegant?" The result is products that are elegant and reserved, but never boring.