KINTO Slow Coffee Style Coffee Jug Set 600mL

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Time slowly goes by with each drip drop of coffee.

A pour-over glass jug set complete with filter holder. Messages on the jug are printed for each cup you make. The holder both measures coffee beans and holds the filter after brewing. The holder and the filter can also be used to drip coffee directly into your mug. 600mL size for four cups of coffee.

Cozy, organic form blends into space

The concept of SLOW COFFEE STYLE is coffeeware which integrates into a slow, relaxing space. The items add a warm touch to a space with beautifully aged vintage furniture and plants. Fondness for the items originates from delicate details, for example, in the carafe resembling an antique vase and in the jug with heartwarming messages.

SLOW COFFEE STYLE items are handcrafted in small quantities. The work of human hands brings a sense of warmth to the simple form.

This is coffeeware not only suited for professional use but also great as interior items-this quality defines SLOW COFFEE STYLE. The items are designed to blend into your living space and make your hand-dripping experience smart and pleasurable. Each day, take a moment to brew and savor a fresh cup of coffee.

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