Kizara Wood Sheet Memo Pad Large

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The large KIZARA memo pad is made by shaving thin individual sheets of paper from a single block of wood. These sheets, traditionally used to wrap food, are now reimagined as beautiful notepads for the creative mind. Experience the aesthetic and tactile pleasure of writing and drawing directly on wood. It's unexpectedly high performing no matter the writing utensil.

Made from Japanese Red Pine.
Measures 5” x 7".

The KIZARA project utilizes excess wood from sustainable, man-grown Japanese cedar forests. The environmentally-friendly process sources trees that are thinned as part of an ecological movement to promote healthy forestry within Japan.

A lack of demand has hurt the eco-friendly forestry industry in Japan, strengthening foreign suppliers who pursue cheaper, unsustainable techniques.  By creating a renewable wood product, KIZARA encourages not just the growth of a national industry but also the continued planting and maintaining of those trees.  Using innovative techniques to create beautiful, functional paper objects, KIZARA has become an inspiring example of responsible creativity.

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