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KOKUYO LE Dot Liner Glue Tape

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KOKUYO's LE Dot Liner Glue Tape contains a teeny, tiny secret: a dotted, shimmering texture that rolls directly onto the page. This inventive feature functions like miniature grips on the page, ensuring a seamless adhesive without wrinkling or pulling. Perfect for pasting notes, photos, and memorabilia to your scrapbook, planner, or notebook of choice.

To remove the tape, simply swipe over it with an eraser. The plastic body features a (very satisfying) retractable protective cap that keeps your tape from drying out.

This limited series comes in 3 jelly colorways: Peach, Soda, or Mint. Notice how the teeny pastel glue dots match the colors of the body. So nice.

Measures 2.3" x 1.1" x 0.5" | 55mm x 30m x 15mm 

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