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Lemnos Kehai Clock White

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Originally designed by Makoto Koizumi in 2004, the Kehai clock takes inspiration from the concepts of mindfulness and Zen, bringing together the idea of time and movement in a creative design. Minimalist and distinctive at the same time, this timepiece features a frosted glass front that blurs the silhouettes of the hour and minute hands. A red dot represents the second hand, which moves smoothly as well as silently thanks to the sweep second feature.

Handcrafted with care, the Kehai wall clock comes with a custom aluminum frame made in Japan with a casting technique. The silent mechanism, blurred hands, and red dot that moves around the edge of the dial encourage users to see and feel the passage of time from a more serene perspective. From Makoto Koizumi: "We sometimes find the presence of a clock unpleasant. And sometimes the existence of time is also unpleasant. So a slightly ambiguous sign of time is just fine."

Also available in Grey and Yellow.

  • Made from Aluminum, PP(polypropylene), Glass
  • Measures 5.11" diameter x 2.16" depth | 130 × 55mm
  • Made in Japan

Lemnos is a Japanese time-keeping brand that regularly collaborates with acclaimed designers and craftsmen. Humans glance at the clock countless times a day; Lemnos clocks make keeping track of the time a pleasure. Lemnos products are underpinned by craftsmen's refined skills to bring out the best of the natural material. The result is enduring, universal design that withstands the passage of time.

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