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Lemnos M,S,S. Clock Grey

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Instant serotonin for your study. Lemnos's M,S,S. Clock features circles, triangles, and squares arranged in place of the usual number blocks. The round, blue-grey face with dove grey detailing adds an unexpected charm.

Designed by Yohei Oki, the name M,S,S. is an acronym for Maru (circle), Sankaku (triangle), and Shikaku (square).


  • Measures 11.8" diameter x 1.6" depth ( φ200 × d40mm)
  • Made from aluminum and glass
  • Clock stand included
  • Made in Japan

Lemnos is a Japanese time-keeping brand that regularly collaborates with acclaimed designers and craftsmen. Humans glance at the clock countless times a day; Lemnos clocks make keeping track of the time a pleasure. Lemnos products are underpinned by craftsmen's refined skills to bring out the best of the natural material. The result is enduring, universal design that withstands the passage of time.