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Little Rot

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A thrilling new novel from the bestselling, award-winning, visionary Akwaeke Emezi
One weekend.
The elite underbelly of a Nigerian city.
A party that goes awry.
A tangled web of sex and lies and corruption that leaves no one unscathed.

Aima and Kalu are a longtime couple who have just split. When Kalu, reeling from the breakup, visits an exclusive sex party hosted by his best friend, Ahmed, he makes a decision that will plunge them all into chaos, brutally and suddenly upending their lives. Ola and Souraya, two Nigerian sex workers visiting from Kuala Lumpur, collide into the scene just as everything goes to hell. Sucked into the city’s corrupt and glittering underworld, they’re all looking for a way out, fueled by a desperate need to escape the dangerous threat that looms over them.

288 pages. Hardcover.

About the Author

AKWAEKE is an artist based in liminal spaces. Born and raised in Nigeria, their work spans literature, music, film, and visual art. Their debut EP Stop Dying, You Were Very Expensive! was released on March 8, 2024 and their eighth book Little Rot was published on June 18, 2024 by Riverhead Books.

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