Yamamoto Paper Wax Cover Notebook

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Yamamoto Paper wax cover notebooks revive the warmth and charm of wax paper. Over time creases and wrinkles will form and create character, becoming personalized to the user.

  •  Cat Notebook features 64 pages of wide square pattern paper.
  • Map Notebook is of the NYC subway map and features 60 pages of blank paper.

Wax paper resists oil and water and was once widely used as food packaging and industrial applications. Since the rise of petrochemicals and changes in packaging design, wax paper has become a bit more obscure.

100% recycled paper pages in both. Printed and manufactured in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan.

3.6" x 8.25" - These notebooks also work in Midori Traveler's Note system, as well as Yamamoto Paper's own DIY Paper Cover. Nice.

Other notebooks and accessories sold separately.

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