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Lomography LomoChrome Color ’92 35 mm ISO 400

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This unique color negative emulsion provides a burst of retro charm and classic analogue character in any film shooting scenario. 

A nostalgic color palette delivers a soft and mesmerizing look in the sun and brings a subtle, painterly look to photos taken at dusk.

Discover delicate pastel undertones and eloquent blacks that take your photos to a new dimension.

A versatile ISO 400 emulsion making it easy to get experimental under different lighting conditions.

Vibrant reds and clean yellows characterize your frames.

Rich film grain for a classic analogue feel.

Stand out from the crowd and show off this unmistakeable analogue aesthetic.

A new and unique color negative emulsion bringing a burst of retro charm and classic analogue character to your everyday shots.

Easy to develop at your local lab or at home with the standard C-41 color negative processing.

LomoChrome Color ’92 is a truly versatile film stock that offers a plethora of captivating colors, making it an excellent choice for any shooting scenario. On sunny days, the colors pop with electric energy, while in direct sunlight, they soften to a soft and mesmerizing tone. At dusk, your shots take on a subtle painting-like appearance, and at nightfall, they become captivatingly cinematic. For street scenes, landscapes, studio shots and more, its dynamic color palette consisting of fascinating blues, vibrant reds, and clean yellows adds incomparable energy to your imagery. For portraits, you’ll love how this film renders accurate skin tones with delicate pastel undertones. Your subjects will look truly unforgettable, with a depth and richness that only LomoChrome Color ’92 can provide.


  • Film Size: 35 mm
  • Film Type: Color Negative
  • ISO: 400
  • DX Code: No
  • Development Process: C41
  • Exposures per roll: 36

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