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Lowbrow Reader

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The Lowbrow Reader is a print comedy journal based in New York. Founded in 2001 by editor Jay Ruttenberg and designer Matthew Berube, it contains long articles and funny illustrations. Featured work includes pieces by David Berman, Shelley Berman, Justin Vivian Bond, Dave Eggers, Drew Friedman, Gilbert Gottfried, Neil Hagerty, Lee Hazlewood, Amy Heckerling, Richard Hell, Rick Moranis, Taylor Negron, Gilbert Rogin and other great writers, cartoonists and comedians. 

The #12 issue of the Lowbrow Reader features:

  • Poetry by Richard Hell
  • Brian Abrams’s definitive piece on the actor Robert Costanzo (you know his face)
  • A cartoon by Dave Eggers
  • Essays about the New York standup showcase Whiplash and the characters who paint the margins of Larry David’s productions
  • The unveiling of architectural plans for the Dangerfield Collection, a contemporary art space showcasing Lowbrow’s vast holdings of Rodney Dangerfield–inspired works
  • ...and much more!