Macon & Lesquoy Hello, who's speaking? Hand Embroidered Patch

Macon & Lesquoy Hello, who's speaking? Hand Embroidered Patch

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Pick up the phone darlin. Macon & Lesquoy's small hand-embroidered cannetille pins take inspiration from the precision and quality of military embroideries. A small but precious object, chic, fun, off-the-wall, sometimes colored or articulated... Treat yourself!

Beware! Hand-embroidery is fragile. Do not put in the washing machine, do not wash.

To Apply:

  • Place the patch wherever you wish. Image side up, sticking side side on the clothing.
  • To affix it: lay a clean dishcloth over the positioned patch and press medium-hot iron with steam until the patch sticks to the cloth (approx. 10 sec.).
  • Secure the fixing by also ironing the back of the clothing (again for 10 sec.).
  • Important!! Always carry out a preliminary test with your hot iron on a hidden part of the garment. If the fabric does not resist the heat, you can always fasten your patch by sewing it on.