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MAJO IDEAS Vol.4 Feast

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MAJO IDEAS are sticker-based art packs designed for ages 4-122. The FEAST pack is inspired by Salvador Dali and features illustrations by Stephanie Singleton.

What do you get when you combine an ocelot seek-and-find, a Dali-inspired spread, and napkin origami? A feast for the eyes and so much more! How about a food fight without the mess...maybe only in your dreams? Clear the table and get ready for a surrealist dinner party that will blow your everything you need to impress your guests, including folded napkins. 

What's Inside?

  • 1 x Double Sided Activity Poster celebrating a high-low culinary mashup
  • 2 x Artist Collector Cards
  • 2 x Exquisite Paper Napkins to be folded into works of art
  • 3 x Sticker Sheets
  • 2 x Origami Crabs (don't worry, they won't pinch!)
  • PLUS the most fantastic fake mustache — some might say you look like Dali himself!

MAJO was created by two design-obsessed moms who love making art with their children. Alex Aranda lives in the Big Apple, New York City and has two boys of her own, Cy and Rainer. She is also the founder of Rainershine art kits and a practicing fine artist. Ligaya Tichy lives in the city by the bay, San Francisco and is ever-inspired by her daughter, Skye. She is the founder of Wild Child, an arts-based preschool and event space in Oakland, California.

MAJO started in the midst of the pandemic, so Alex and Ligaya didn’t meet until after working together for eight months! While it’s not likely they’ll ever live in the same city, they will continue to send Monty collages to each other on the regular.