A set of 5 reusable cotton face mask filters for an extra layer of protection. Each filter is double-layered with an antimicrobial finish, providing 4-layer protection when tucked inside a cloth mask. An eco-friendly and hygenic solution, each filter can be used up to 50 times- simply wash and disinfect after use.

Hand made from 100% cotton

Mamask filters must be hand-washed (not machine washable, as it will damage the integrity of the fabric). We recommend washing the filter at least once a day.

Please Note: To ensure we're following the highest hygienic standards, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for any face mask filters.

From Mamask. In Korean, "Ma" is part of the words "mother" and "heart". As the COVID-19 crisis developed, MaMask emerged from The Beautiful People Co., LTD, a family-owned business that has been making suits, jackets, and coats for some of Korea's top brands for two decades. Close to half of their workforce has a disability of some sort, with over 70% being mothers. Hence the name.