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Maruman B7 Time Planning Loose Leaf

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Customize your binder setup with Maruman's mini loose leaf paper. The B7 size is designed to fit into any standard 26 hole binder, with 9 holes spaced approximately 9.7 mm apart from center to center. Each sheet measures approximately the size of a flashcard, letting you organize your notes by type and allowing you to fully customize the contents of your binder. Unlike regular flash cards, Maruman's signature slim paper keeps your binder from becoming bulky, while the silky smooth texture makes writing a pleasure. 

The Time Planning Looseleaf pack turns your binder into a mini planner, with 50 sheets of paper sectioned into appointment-style columns and time tables that are perfect for organizing your schedule and tracking your habits. Combine them with the Maruman Kurufit B5 Binder or the KOKUYO Campus B5 Slide Binder (sold separately) for a fully customized binder experience.

Also available in Easy Color, Grid, To Do List, and Zipper Pocket styles. 


  • 50 sheets
  • 9-hole style
  • Compatible with most Japanese style 26 hole binders
  • Made in Japan

Binder sold separately.