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MD 2024 Wall Calendar

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The minimalist MD Wall Calendar is a creative's dream. With plenty of free space, you can decorate each month of 2024 with stickers, washi tape, or your own sketches.

Jot down anything that pops into your mind—the size of some furniture you want to buy, the name of a good restaurant your friend recommended, a shopping list for the whole household to fill in. Hang it in your common living space to keep the household updated with everyone’s plans.

Each calendar comes with an MD Pencil (B) so that you can jot things down as soon as you think of them, as well as an orange elastic holder to keep the pencil in place. We recommend using a pencil for the warm human touch that a utilitarian pen just can’t achieve. Bonus: it lets you rearrange your day when plans inevitably change at the last minute.


  • Runs January 2024—December 2024
  • 12 calendar sheets
  • 1 HB pencil included
  • Measures 17” x 12” (433mm × 307mm)

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