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MD Sticky Memo Pad A7 Frame

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A frame format memo pad that makes writing a pleasure. While notebooks are for writing down a series of thoughts across multiple pages, memo pads are for those pieces of information we need to remember. We need both!

Enter the MD Sticky Memo Pad. Its pages are made to fit neatly into your MD notebook, so they look like part of the page. Expand on what you write in your MD Notebook by adding ideas on sheets from the MD Sticky Memo Pad. Being able to add ideas and notes to your MD Notebook like this will stimulate your creativity even more.

With other memo pads, the side with the adhesive can be difficult to write on. The MD Sticky Memo Pad is carefully designed so that you can write easily on both sides of each sheet, with no stickiness or smearing.

It also has the same cover as the MD Notebook, keeping the interior clean and preventing it from bending, so that you can jot down any ideas and notes that come to you when you’re out. 

Measures 4" x 3" x 0.4"(H102×W76×D10mm), Japanese A7 size.

80 sheets.

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