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MD Chita Cotton Tote Bag

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An ultra-versatile single-strap tote bag. The strap is just the right length to add and remove items easily. This bag can even hold a laptop and other work items.

This simple yet iconic bag expresses the way blank space is part of the MD Notebook experience, providing a daily reminder that life is a blank canvas. Tuck your MD note inside and pop your pencils or brushes along with it and you’re ready to go.

Both the MD Notebook Bag and the MD Tote Bag feature the same tag-style pen holder, made of the same leather as the MD Goat Leather bags. Simply insert pens in the holder on the outside of the bag and you’ll be able to start writing the moment inspiration strikes – no more searching for your pen case!

The bags are made from Chita cotton, a fabric that has been woven in the Chita Peninsula of Aichi prefecture since the Edo period (1603-1868). Even today, fabric is spun using shuttle looms that were adopted during the Meiji period (1868-1912). The fabric is produced in traditional Japanese rolls of cloth measuring 38cm wide, and the narrow size adds to the minimalistic style that MD is known for.

The simple look belies incredible quality – the moment you touch this thin, soft fabric, you can tell that it’s made from extremely finely woven cotton. This is a unique method called tussah weaving, where a single thread is woven vertically and layered with two thin threads horizontally to create cotton whose horizontal ridges create a subtle pattern that you can see when you look closely.

Measures 15.75" x 13.8" x 0.3" with 23.6" handle length (H 400×W 350×D 8mm, 600m handle).

Hand wash and line dry only, please!

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