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Memoterior B7 Color Memo Block Sumi

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A tasting menu of a memo pad, this block contains black paper with various textures to enjoy with your various pens. The solid and thick paper that does not seem to be a memo is of a quality that can be used as a single card or a single-stroke paper. The black papers here are compatible with gold, silver, white, and pearl ink pens, well-suited for creating a nice handwritten message card.

Measures 3.6" x 5" x 0.7" (W91 x H128 x D18 mm).

With 100 sheets total, this block contains 10 sheets each of the following:

  • New Moon S (Black)
  • Unitech GA (Black)
  • Tanto (N-1)
  • ICHIMATSU (Clear Black)
  • Sagan GA (Black)
  • Croco GA (Black)
  • Super Contrast (Super Black)
  • Rezac 16 (Kuro)
  • Gerard GA (black)
  • Kaguya (new moon)

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