Memoterior B7 Writing Memo Block for Fountain Pen

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A tasting menu of a memo pad, this block contains 5 types of paper made especially to enjoy with fountain pens. Enjoy the difference in writing comfort depending on the paper. You can also use it for trial writing to find your favorite writing tools and paper.

Measures 3.6" x 5" (W91 x H128 mm).

With 100 sheets total, this block contains 20 sheets each of the following:

  • OK Foolscap 
    Synonymous with Japan's only high-end writing paper that reproduces foolscap paper. It has a crisp, nostalgic, old-fashioned writing taste, and is ideal for all stationery with quick absorption of ink, less bleeding, and less strike-through. Watermarked with "ORIGINAL SUPER FINE".
  • Mitsubishi Bank paper
    Developed as a book paper for Mitsubishi Bank. The taut texture and smooth writing feel that the pen tip sticks to is comfortable, and there is a sense of stability that you can boldly enjoy writing, even with a pen tip with good ink flow. Watermarked with "THREE DIAMONDS".
  • Tomoe River Notebook paper
    Tomoe River paper was developed to make a bulky notebook thin and light. Even if it is thin for notebooks, it is tough, with little strike through and bleeding, and it is hard to tear even with strong writing pressure. The flat surface reproduces sharp characters with little show-through—a fruit of this paper's technology.
  • Spica Bond
    The domestic paper "Spica Bond" is named after the first-class star Spica in Virgo. Blended with cotton like Western stationery, you can enjoy the original texture and softness of paper when you pick it up. The ink suction is excellent, and the characters are finished with depth. Watermarked with "SPICA BOND 25% COTTON".
  • East Lee CoC
    You can intuitively enjoy the touch of the pen tip with a smooth finish. It comfortably takes in ink due to its good absorbency, and the paper color finished in a light cream also adds depth to the ink.