Midori Spiral Ring Note A5 Slim Camel

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Soft brown kraft paper in the color of a camel cruising in the desert. Enjoy writing on its uniquely coarse comfortable texture. You might be surprised to find the paper is quite evocative for writing. In a handy size to travel with, easily paste tickets, maps, and more onto the sheets inside. The cover, made of base paper infused with resin, is sturdy and firm. The natural texture is perfect for customizing, and has a nice, subtle letterpress imprint of the animal.

80 sheets (160 pages), blank, bound with single rings (copper color).

The notebooks of Midori's Spiral Ring series are pure and simple, like some huge terra incognita. Featuring four sizes and a variety of papers, easily find one that fits your taste.

Animal: Camel
Dimensions: Japanese A5 slim size. 5.11" x 8.5" x 0.7" (130 x 218 x 18mm)
From: Japan

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