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Midori Foil Transfer Stickers Kitchen

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No paintbrush? No problem. Midori's Transfer Stickers come with 1 sheet of transfer sticker designs, similar to temporary tattoos (except these are permanent to the page!). Once applied, they give the appearance of a golden illustration right on the page. Perfect for the creative mind, we love them for journaling and scrapbooking.

This kitchen style series features items commonly found in your cooking space, perfect for recipe cards or decorating your own custom cookbook. The shimmering gold style lends a quiet elegance to the page; it also helps the designs stand out against colorful surfaces.

How to Use: Cut out the desired pattern, separate the back paper and position it on the paper you wish to print on. Use a hard edge such as the edge of a coin to scratch all over the design. Tear off the top layer to reveal the finished illustration.

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