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Midori Paintable Rotary Stamp List

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A great companion for journalers, particularly in combination with habit tracking. This rotary rubber stamp lets you switch between 10 types of illustrated messages. Easily and beautifully reproduce typefaces that are difficult to draw by yourself with this useful self-inking stamp. Since it is an oil-based ink, it will not bleed even if you color over it with a water-based marker.


  • "To Do List" Header
  • Check Boxes
  • AM: PM Symbols
  • "Schedule" Banner
  • Today's/Week's
  • "My Favorite" Banner
  • "Shopping List" Banner
  • "Don't Forget" Banner
  • Star Rating
  • "House Work" Header


  • Since the ink is fully filled at the beginning of use, it's easy for a lot of ink to come out when pressed on paper for the intial uses. Bleed through may occur.
  • Bleed through may also occur if you press it strongly or for a long time. Be sure to use it on a test sheet before use.
  • If you do not use the stamp for a long time, remove the ink pad from the main body and cover the ink pad for storage.
  • You can stamp about 2,000 times before needing to replace the ink cartridge.

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