Mnemosyne B5 Notebook Lined

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Have a good brain!

Each sheet of the B5 lined notebook is divided into three blocks with a thick border. Space for the date and title are provided at the top. Vertical notches dot the top and bottom margins in three places so you can split the paper into sections as needed. Sized for those who take lots of notes without being too bulky.

  • 7mm line rule
  • space for Date & Title
  • 30 lines per sheet, divided in 3 sections
  • 80 micro-perforated sheets of 80g/m² paper
  • 7.6" x 10" (192 x 252mm), Japanese B5 size

Named after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne series paper goods are tools made for business and creative use. Their sturdy resin covers, double ring binding, and unique, highly functional size and paper design makes for an unparalleled user experience. Did you realize you could be so passionate about paper before?


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