Mnemosyne Weekly Memo Pad

$ 8.00
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The Mnemosyne Weekly Memo Pad features a vertical weekly view that spreads from Monday to Sunday making it easier to keep track of your tasks, events, and dates at a quick glance. The absence of dates allows flexible year-round use. If you are looking for a more useful and effective 'get it done' system than your current TO DO scratch pad, this may be it.

  • 30 micro-perforated sheets
  • 6mm line spacing
  • Separate to-do box
  • 8"x 4.12" (203.2mm x 104.6mm)

Named after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne series paper goods are tools made for business and creative use. Their sturdy backboard, durable staple binding and unique, highly functional size and paper design makes for an unparalleled user experience. Did you realize you could be so passionate about paper before?