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Nap in Van Gogh's Bedroom A4 File Folder

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Plunge into the world of Dawning Crow, where cats wear mom jeans, capybaras haunt their local dive bars, and everyone's favorite time to order Subway is at 3 am.

This A4 file folder keeps your papers nice and tidy and features a cat nestled under the covers of Vincent Van Gogh bed. Haven't you always wanted to take a nap in Van Gogh's bedroom? Now you can.

Measures 8.3" x 11.7" (210mm x 297mm).

 Dawning Crow is a blog and shop by Hong Kong artist Kathy Lam. Cheeky and offbeat, her illustrations feature temperamental animals going about their everyday lives: shopping in the supermarket, binge-watching a show, and complaining about humans.

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