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OH, MA TE! Masking Tape Busy Circle

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From Oh Lolly Day! this retro style washi tape features a red and white circle rolling against a black background. You can color or write directly on the white space—perfect for sealing a letter or writing reminders in your planner.

 Printed on translucent Japanese rice paper (和紙 washi) in an endless variety of colors and patterns, these colorful masking tapes beg to be collected. Their characteristically gentle adhesive lets you apply and reapply them without leaving traces of adhesive or ruining surfaces. Perfect for decorating your planner, taping up a postcard on your wall, or crafting with. 

Measures 0.47" x 0.39" (12mm x 10mm).

Oh Lolly Day! is a South Korean design brand with the best sense of humor we've seen yet. They believe in the power of small things and everyday objects to make your life happy, and we agree entirely. Their stationeries and desk supplies are caracterized by retro style graphic design, primary colors, and lots of fun.