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Hearing "the dude" one might think of a certain Big Lebowski. But here at the shop we are convinced that OHTO's Dude fountain pen takes its namesake from a Quincy Jones song, The Dude.

The lyrics go like this: 

Who is it
That always gets a hot reaction?
(That's The Dude)

With this in mind, we present a very good looking brass body fountain pen. Its fine tip iridium nib is German made, and its sleek, silver coated body design evokes the city at night.

The Dude's cap clicks on and off snug and firm, while its plastic grip is easy to hold. The hexagonal body design prevents rolling, while the end is rounded if posting the cap is desired.

Dimensions: 5.3" (13.5cm) closed; 6.2" (15.7cm) posted; 4.9" (12.5cm) uncapped.

Comes loaded with two black ink international short cartridges.

Who is it
That looks so clean you can't ignore him
(That's The Dude)

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