OHTO Needle Point Slim Line 0.3mm Pen

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The new OHTO Needle Point Slim Line pen is a lustrous and slender ballpoint with a reliable, smooth-writing 0.3mm superfine tip and elegant gold accents. With a clip and click-top, this sophisticated wand of a pen will quickly become your go-to writing implement. See the fine tip 0.5mm version here.

About the Needle Point tip: In 1999, OHTO pioneered a needle shaped tip named Needle Point along with a low-viscosity oil-based ink they named Soft Ink. This combination of the two gave birth to the now basic features of this pen, which include a smooth & consistent ink flow, dark color shade (black ink), and a new and fresh writing feeling every time. 

Conventional pen needle tips are made of two parts (pipe and plastic holder). While writing (especially heavy hand pressure writing habit type), the burden applies in the edge of holder, resulting in the tip bending/defective writing. Due to the thinner, straighter shape, the needle tip in comparison with cone tip type, gives better performance in writing small and fine characters or in carbonized papers. In spite of the pin-like thinner shape, OHTO needle tips are as strong as cone tips because they is made from a single block.

Dimensions: 5.1" x Φ0.2"

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