This unscented, additive-free bar soap by Oketani Soap Co is gentle on the skin, delicate fabrics, and the environment. It's made by hand using a traditional kettle-cooking method and naturally dried, leaving the oils in their natural forms. This method has not changed since the company's establishment, in the Sekime district of Osaka, where many soap factories have been gathered for a long time.

Made from beef tallow and coconut oil, it suds up wonderfully with little effort. Contains no sodium silicate, sodium phosphate, ABS, LAS, fluorescent brightening agents or other additives. Fully biodegrades within 24hrs.

It can be good for sensitive skin as well as babies, and you can also wash wool and silk (and your favorite cloth face mask) without roughening the fabric or your own hands. We especially like how it takes make-up out of our cloth face masks, and have even tried washing our make-up brushes with it to great success.

7.7oz (220gr)

Not vegan. (A brief anecdote: Because of the beef tallow, your pets may be inclined to ingest this soap, so consider that!)