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O,LD! Sticker Collector Book

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Who among us hasn't been struck with the existential dread of deciding where to stick your stickers? This handy sticker book lets you keep your collection all in one place, with 20 sheets of coated release paper that lets you attach and detach your stickers once you find the perfect home for them. The slim, portable size lets you slip it into your planner for decorating on the go. Grab a sticker when inspiration strikes, or you can gaze wistfully at them for years to come. 

Choose from White or Black covers.

Oh Lolly Day! is a South Korean design brand with the best sense of humor we've seen yet. They believe in the power of small things and everyday objects to make your life happy. Their stationeries and desk supplies are caracterized by retro style graphic design, primary colors, and lots of fun.