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ONYX Earl Grey Tea Bags

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ONYX's Earl Grey is a careful blend of two distinct and complementary single origin teas: a whole leaf dianhong black tea from central Yunnan province, China and a bright ceylon single estate tea from Kenilworth, Sri Lanka. The blend is combined with cold-pressed bergamot oil from a family farm in southern Italy, then air-dried. This method maintains freshness and produces a vibrant, easy-drinking cup with a smooth body and notes of grapefruit peel and fragrant citrus. Very enjoyable on its own, this tea also acts as a great component in a mixed drink or with milk.

10 sachets.

Transparency and community are vital to ONYX Labs, which roasts and ship their coffee utilizing solar energy from the roof of their facility. A sample is taken from each roast and cupped for quality, to track the characteristics and to give feedback on roast profiles. This ensures that every coffee that goes out not only meets their standards but is truly remarkable. Their training lab leads workshops in every aspect of coffee making, nurturing true experts that not only appreciate a good cup of coffee but also spread their message: never settle for good enough.