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Paperways Sticky Note Duo Bon Voyage

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Bon voyage! Enjoy the spirit of travel with this sticky note duo, ready to be tucked into your carry on or everyday notebook. Perfect for on the go list-making and note-taking, Paperways's sticky notes turn everyday tasks into exciting challenges to be tackled. The collaged grids and colorful squares can be used as a precision guide for doodling ideas or just act as a fun background to your IOU's.

Whatever you use them for, you'll get a kick out of the colorful patterns in your planner, study materials, or workplace computer. It's a perfect gift for a stationery fan, including yourself. 

  • Set of 2
  • 29 sheets or more
  • Made from 25% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Measures 3" x 3" (64mm x 72mm)
  • Made in South Korea

In 2008, Paperways was founded by Korean designers Pansydaisy and J.Han. The art direction and visual presentation of Paperways is inspired by global awareness, travel, and a splash of J.Han’s original illustration designs. As the years go on and they expand outside of Korea, they developed their main objective which is to provide simple, efficient, and functional stationery that offers a unique and inspiring feel to their supporters.